Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Job Career Bank Jabar Banten 2011

Bank Jabar Banten Recruitment
Diploma and Bachelor Degree Graduated

The founding of Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Barat was backgrounded by the the rules of the government of Republic of Indonesia number 33 in the year of 1960 about company act of determining by the Dutch and has been nationalized was located in Bandung by the name of NV Denis (De erste Nederlandsche Indische Shareholding). The company was previously in mortgage bank. As the result of an act from government rules number 33 in the year of 1960 of West Java Government Province by Notary Public Noezar number 152 dated March 21st, 1961 and number 184 dated may 13th, 1961 and has been inaugurated with the letter of decision from the the governor of west java province number 7/GKDH/BPD/61 dated on May 205th, 1961, had founded PD Bank Karya Pembangunan with basic capital in the amount of Rp 2.500.000, 00

In order to support the vision accomplishment and bank bjb’s mission to become the 10 largest and to have a good performance in Indonesia, bank bjb, have done some changes, one of the change is the corporate’s culture. The corporate’s culture reflects the spirit of bank bjb, in facing bank’s competition which is getting tighter and dynamically. The corporate values has been formulated which is GO SPIRIT which comes from Service Excellence, Professionalism, Integrity, Trust which has already explain in the 14 main behaviors.

Based on the result of meeting of the share holder (RUPS-LB) PT Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Barat dated July 3rd, 2007, along with the decision letter from Governor of Bank Indonesia number 9/63/KEP.GBI/2007 dated November 26, 2007, about the changes of business permit on behalf of the name PT Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Barat became business permit in the name of PT Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Barat and Banten and with decision letter from board of directors number 1065/SK/DIR-PPN/2007 dated November 29th, 2007 therefore, the name of corporation has been changed to PT Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Barat and Banten with call name Bank Jabar Banten

Based on the result of meeting of the share holder (RUPS-LB) PT. Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Barat & Banten number 26 dated April 21st, 2010, along with the letter from Bank Indonesia number 12/APBU/BD dated June 30th, 2010 in regards of the changes of logo with decision letter from board of directors number 1337/SK/DIR-PPN/2010 dated July 5th, 2010

Humans are the most important resource for achieving corporate vision and mission success. No matter how perfect the technology and marketing aspects, without human aspects it would be difficult for a corporate to achieve their objectives.

Now Bank Jabar Banten is opening recruitment for diploma and bachelor degree graduated. For you who interested please apply at the below link and application deadline for registration is June 04 2011

Registration Online

CRM Software

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The software also features Sales Force Automation where it delegates leads, creates tasks with reminders, and validates and updates contact information. Sales Team Management is also one of its features. With this feature, you can now easily supervise and monitor all your sales team’s activity like time stamping logs of user activity and admin log in as any user. The software is perfect in terms of Lead Management. For more information, just go to at aimcrm.com


A fast growing PMA Consultant Company is urgently seeking for a fast learning, highly motivated, able to work in a team and hard working persons to fill in position as follows:
Senior Marketing for Engineering Consultancy (placed in Jakarta)

* Bachelor Degree in Engineering, preferably in Environmental or Civil
* Having work experiences as Marketing/Business Development for Consultancy service
* Having good knowledge and work experiences in Engineering Projects Fluent in English speaking & writing (able to make good English report)
* Computer literate
Sales/Presales for IT (ERP) Consultancy Services
* Bachelor Degree in Informatics Engineering or Accounting
* Having work experiences as Sales or Presales for ERP Consultancy Services
* Having work experiences and good knowledge about ERP software
* Fluent in English speaking & writing.
We offer competitive benefit package for candidates such as:
Competitive Salary, Bonus, Allowances, Life & Health Insurance, Pension, Training & Development, Family Gathering etc.
Please send your application letter with CV and references to
HRD Division
Jl. Flores No. 8
We are highly appreciating all applications, but regretfully only short listed candidates will be notified.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Financial Analyst Firstasia Consultants Juni 2011

Our customer with a poignant zinc mining plan in North Sumatra is now looking for competent possibilities to fill a following roles:

General preparation for all positions candidate:

* Excellent created and verbal communication skills, in both English and IndonTautanesian, in sequence to be means to liaise with inner and outmost contacts dhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifuring both inhabitant and general levels.
* Willing to work on a fly in / fly out register of 6 weeks on during work site in North Sumatera followed by 2 weeks off during concluded indicate of hire, solely for positions formed in Jakarta who will work customary 5:2 days roster.
* Manager possibilities will need to be high behaving leaders with modernized methodical and problem elucidate ability and formulation skills and with during slightest 5 years organisation turn believe in a field.

“A severe and innovative work sourroundings with an appealing income package will be offering to a right candidate”


Reporting to a President Director, a OHS Manager will delineate and afterwards exercise and control a OHS policies and procedures for a development, operation and contingent closure of a Company s mining operation.

A successful claimant will possess a following:

* A class in an OHS compared fortify or other applicable preparation and experience.
* Minimum of 12 years work experience, preferably with some in remote mining areas, and a proven lane record in a extended operation of OHS organisation activities during both inhabitant and general levels.
* Minimum of a POM certificate and peaceful to take POU certificate.
* Experience in doing of OHSAS 18001


Reporting to a President Director, a Environmental Manager will control a Company s environmental planning, monitoring, controlling, reconstruction and preparation activities by a development, operations and contingent closure stages in sequence to prove a mandate of a Company and a organisation and to safeguard that all activities are conducted to International environmental, peculiarity and cost control standards.

A successful claimant will possess a following:

* A Degree in an Environment compared discipline.
* Minimum 12 years proven care experience, preferably with some in remote mining areas, in a extended operation of environmental organisation activities during both inhabitant and general levels.
* Minimum of a POM certificate and peaceful to take POU certificate.
* Experience in Implementation of ISO 14001.


Reporting to a President Director, a Manager Human Resources will lead a association c Human Resources Department to grasp vital and business goals, within time, cost, peculiarity and reserve parameters, to minister to a corporate creed/vision, promote business improvements and to prove customer needs.

A successful claimant will possess a following:

* Degree qualifications, preferably in a Humanities and/or Commercial disciplines.
* Minimum 12 years proven care believe in a tellurian resources organisation function, preferably with some in remote mining areas, during both inhabitant and general levels.
* Strong vital formulation and routine growth and doing skills.
* Strong traffic and problem elucidate skills.


Reporting to a President Director, a Exploration Manager will rise and conduct a successful scrutiny programme for a Contract of Work of a association and a surrounding district, to capacitate fit and timely analysis and ranking of a scrutiny intensity of a whole project.

A successful claimant will possess a following:

* A class in Geology/Earth Sciences.
* Minimum 12 years proven care experience, including endless believe in vegetable scrutiny and mining geology. Experience in zinc-lead mineralization is fascinating and will be rarely regarded.
* A demonstrable bargain of QAQC and EHS standards and procedures.
* Expertise in modem scrutiny technologies and methodologies in soppy pleasant environments.
* A sound operative believe of mining/exploration program and database systems.


Reporting to a Mining Manager, a Mine Planning Superintendent will yield planning, instruction and organisation of specific tasks compared to cave formulation work compared with growth of pot to JORC standard, cave formulation support to prolongation team, by to final settlement of ore pot during a project.

A successful claimant will possess a following:

* A class in Mine Engineering.
* Minimum of 10 years of applicable experience, 5 years of that includes subterraneous mining, and smallest 2 years during Superintendent level.
* Experience in Ore Reserves determination and plain bargain of cut-off class speculation and practice, including in abyss bargain of JORC code.
* Advanced mechanism skills in one of a vital mining program packages, i.e. Surpac, Micromine Vulcan or Datamine.
* A POU Certificate from a Mines Department or preparedness to obtain National POU competency, and eagerness to accept appointment as a Deputy KTT, or act as an Underground Manager when required, are elite though not essential.


Reporting to a Mining Manager, a Mine Geology Superintendent will yield planning, instruction and organisation of specific tasks compared to geology work compared with brownfield exploration, growth of resources to JORC standard, geology support to prolongation team, by to final settlement of ore pot and resources during a project.

A successful claimant will possess a following:

* A class in Geology/Earth Sciences.
* Minimum of 10 years applicable believe in geology, 5 years of that includes subterraneous geology, 1 year in scrutiny and smallest 2 years during Superintendent level.
* In-depth bargain of JORC code, grid mutation principles, apparatus modelling, class control, prolongation reconciliation, information collection and management.
* Advanced mechanism skills in one of a vital mining program packages, i.e. Surpac, Micromine, Vulcan or Datamine.


Reporting to a Exploration Superintendent, a geologist will control scrutiny activities including logging cavalcade core, margin mapping and sampling and accumulate obvious and accurate geological data, and provides geological reports. The position also provides support to margin staff, inner and outmost liaison, and manages margin expenditure.

A successful claimant will possess a following:

* A Degree in Geology/Earth Sciences.
* Self motivation, initiative, and effective communication skills.
* Demonstrable teamwork ability.


Reporting to a Maintenance Superintendent, a Senior Mechanical Engineer will coordinate and conduct construction, maintenance, and correct activities for bound and mobile automatic equipment, and also safeguard that gas lines, plumbing, fixtures, boilers and other elements are kept in correct operative sequence during all times.

A successful claimant will possess a following:

* A Degree in Mechanical Engineering.
* 8 years post-graduation work believe in design, construction and operation of automatic apparatus in a estimate plants and subterraneous mines.
* A joining to benefit a transparent bargain of their responsibilities underneath a applicable Indonesian Mines Safety Inspection Acts and Regulations.


Reporting to a Maintenance Superintendent, a Senior Electrical Engineer will coordinate and conduct construction, maintenance, and correct activities for bound and mobile electrical equipment.

A successful claimant will possess a following:

* A class in Electrical Engineering.
* 8 years post-graduation work believe in design, construction and operation of Electrical apparatus in estimate plants and subterraneous mines.
* A joining to benefit a transparent bargain of their responsibilities underneath a applicable Indonesian Mines Safety Inspection Acts and Regulations.


Reporting to a Processing Manager, a Senior Metallurgist will yield planning, instruction and organisation of specific tasks compared to metallurgical and ore estimate work compared with plan definition, pattern and handling techniques and methods.

A successful claimant will possess a following:

* A Degree in Minerals Processing Engineering, Chemical Engineering or Metallurgy.
* A smallest of 8 years post graduation and demonstrated believe in bottom metals estimate and post connoisseur studies within a Process/Metallurgical discipline.
* Experience in investigate and/or plan organisation and business analysis is rarely desirable.
* Significant operational believe in bottom steel vegetable estimate plants.
* 5. Must have routine pattern experience, i.e. P ID and PFD.


Reporting to a Financial Controller, a Financial Analyst will control and minister to a alleviation of financial accounting processes, be concerned with a routine of comment of ERP complement and intensity new implementation, as good as with a building and doing of corporate systems for a Jakarta conduct bureau and minesite.

A successful claimant will possess a following:

* A Degree in Economics or a compared Commercial discipline.
* Minimum of 5 years applicable work experience.
* Experience during building formidable financial models, preferably in a mining attention application.
* Creativity, methodical and unpractical skills.


Reporting to a IT Superintendent, a Database Administrator will be obliged for a effective upkeep of a operation of company-wide ancillary and administration information bases including scrutiny and geographical information systems, HSE, HR/payroll.

A successful claimant will possess a following:

* A Degree in an Information Technology compared discipline.
* A smallest of 5 years believe in IT organisation with during slightest 2 years applicable believe with IT applications in this field.
* Demonstrable methodical and problem-solving skills, and group work ability


Reporting to a OHS Manager, a Health and Safety Officer will be obliged to safeguard that scrutiny staff and contractors are operative to compulsory OHS standards.

A successful claimant will possess a following:

* A Degree in Occupational Health and Safety or other applicable preparation or experience.
* Minimum of 2 years work believe in a mining industry.
* A POP Certificate.
* An bargain of OHSAS 18001 and some believe with a implementation.

EXECUTIVE SECRETARY – Jakarta formed – (ES)

Reporting to a President Director, a Executive Secretary will yield a far-reaching operation of executive support to a President Director and other managers as required. The position will also be obliged to safeguard a sustenance of effective administration support to a association s Jakarta office, supervising a youth secretary, a receptionist, bureau boys and drivers.

A successful claimant will possess a following:

* Minimum Secretary Academy (D3) connoisseur (or equivalent) and minimal 5 – 10 years of believe in secretarial work.
* Excellent created and verbal communication in English and Indonesian.
* Competent in a use of MS Office 2003 or 2007 and Windows XP or 7.
* Business essay skills and open family knowledge.
* Responsiveness, perceptiveness, PR awareness, flexibility, and a clarity of humor.
* Ability to say confidentiality.

JUNIOR SECRETARY – Jakarta formed – (JS)

Reporting to a Executive Secretary, a Junior Secretary will yield a far-reaching operation executive and secretarial support to a bureau as required, including organisation of bureau maintenance, transportation, transport arrangements, reception, bureau reserve and all other executive works.

A successful claimant will possess a following:

* Minimum Secretary Academy (D3) connoisseur (or equivalent) and minimal 3 – 5 years of believe in secretarial work.
* Excellent created and verbal communication in English and Indonesia.
* Competent in a use of MS Office 2003 or 2007 and Windows XP or 7.
* Ability to say confidentiality.

Please sent your CV to:
at a latest by Jun 11th, 2011.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

lowongan kerja juni 2011 di jakarta

Kualifikasi :

* Usia max. 30 tahun
* Min. Pendidikan D3 Jurusan Accounting
* Menguasai Microsoft office, Bahasa Inggris, Bertanggung Jawab
* Menguasai proses invoice penjualan
* Menguasai proses & dok Import (adm Import)
* Pengalaman min 2 tahun

Kirimkan Lamaran, CV dan Foto Ke :

Jl. Teuku Cik Ditiro No. 16 Menteng Jakarta 10350

E-mail: runny@rotaryana.com

Specified code positions.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Creative Design And Multimedia Jobs Bank BTPN

PT Bank Tabungan Pensiunan Nasional Tbk (BTPN) started, back in Bandung in 1959. The bank was initially set up to cater for retired military personnel and named Bank Pegawai Pensiunan Militer or BAPEMIL.
Eventually the bank’s customers expanded to civil servant pensioners as well. For more than 50 years BTPN has focused its banking services to serve pensioners, working closely together with the State Pensiun Insurance company, PT Taspen and the state postal company, PT Pos Indonesia.

In 1986, the bank’s name was changed to its current Bank Tabungan Pensiunan Nasional name. Then, in 1993, the bank upgraded its license from a savings bank to become a commercial bank. More recently,in March 2008, BTPN went public and was listed in the Indonesia Stock Exchange. The bank’s majority shareholder is TPG Nusantara S.a.r.l, an investment company
owned by TPG (Texas Pacific Group--a US global private equity firm), with 71.6% of the bank’s shares.

Besides its core business in the pension market, BTPN launched its Micro lending business — btpn | mitra usaha rakyat — in 2008. As of December 2009, BTPN has 1,030 branches throughout Indonesia, including 539 branches of micro lending business.

 Creative Design And Multimedia Editor internal media communication

Work Location: Jakarta
  • Create ideas and concept on internal media communication
  • Program creator of design contest, motivation program based on need, design contest promo and as of producer of sales event, product launching, sales process campaign, gathering, awarding.
  • Female/Male, age maximum 35.
  • Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor’s Degree, Art/Design/Creative Multimedia or equivalent.
  • Min 2 Year experience as a design graphic and multimedia editor
  • Having knowledge and skill for Graphic Design & multimedia editor
  • Having sales motivation and result oriented
  • Creative, Good attitude, Hardworking, Self Motivated with good Initiative
An attractive compensation package, commensurate with qualifications and experience will be offered to the right candidates.
Please send your detailed profile, working experience, expected salaries, email address and contact number addressed to:

(format file : *doc, *pdf, *zip, max 300kb)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rekrutment BUMN Adhi Karya 2011

Observing the external conditions including the need and want of consumers and the ability progress of the Company from time to time, then after a lengthy review, the Company set a new vision and mission. In addition that ADHI intensify to EPC business as an extended business and investment sector as expanded business.
However, the construction service remains to be the core business of ADHI. In developing its business, ADHI always limits the area development according to the ability of its resources. These were done to maintain the commitment to provide the best quality service. In its operational activities, ADHI is supported by nine divisions spread across Indonesia and Overseas, whereas among them are directed as a specialist division, namely the building specialist, high-tech infrastructure specialist, and EPC specialist.

Our construction line of business is strengthened by nine divisions spread across Indonesia, and has proven itself capable of undertaking major projects at a national level.

Undertaking major public works and infrastructure projects such as roads and bridges, irrigations, power plants, ports, harbor, dam, seaport, airport, etc.

Undertaking projects related to the high-rise buildings including hotels and office buildings; public facility buildings such as hospitals and schools; commercial buildings; residential buildings; industrial and manufacturing buildings; mechanical and electrical works inside the buildings and industrial facilities, power transmission and main stations, building automation, power plant, air system and sound system, radio, telecommunications and instrumentation, as well as pipelines.

Now we are opening position for

  Administration & General Affair GA Position in Adhi Karya Project

  • Education min. D3 Management / Accounting
  • Ready to be placed outside the city
  • Age max 35 thn
Attach a cover letter along with ID cards & Pas photo 3 x 4 For further information please check our web : www.adhi.co.id. Interested candidates please send your application via email before May 24, 2011 to:

HR Department
PT ADHI KARYA (Persero) Tbk


Promo Pay Per Lead Rp 20.000 Cepetan Ikut

Sebenarnya saya agak terlambat mengetahui ada sebuah situs Paid To Survey yang sedang melangsungkan promosi besar-besaran. Bagaimana tidak? Situs Paid To Survey itu menawarkan 200 points setara dengan Rp 20.000 untuk setiap referral aktif yang anda ajak bergabung. Promosi tersebut hanya berlaku dari 1 Mei 2011 - 31 Mei 2011. Maka dari itu kita perlu memanfaatkan moment penting ini untuk meraup uang gratis. Nama Paid To Survey yang saya maskud adalah iPanel.
Ayo Buruan Gabung Sekarang Juga

Tentang iPanel
iPanel Online Market Research Co., Ltd, didirikan pada tahun 2004 di Shanghai China, adalah pemasok panel penelitian pasar yang profesional. iPanel sudah memiliki beberapa cabang di beberapa negara yaitu di HongKong, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Korea, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Vietnam, dan ada juga di Indonesia dengan target survei penduduk Indonesia dan menggunakan bahasa Indonesia.

Selain itu iPanel juga merupakan anggota dari Esomar yang merupakan organisasi dunia yang menangani Market Research, maka informasi yang anda berikan akan dirahasiakan sepenuhnya dan hanya akan digunakan untuk kepentingan survei iPanel. Jadi merupakan Paid To Survey yang sangat kredibel dan sudah terbukti membayar membernya. Jadi iPanel bukan paid to survey scam karena telah membayar banyak membernya.

Nah kembali ke topik kita, Pay Per Lead Rp 20.000 dari iPanel.
Untuk bisa mendapatkan uang gratis pay per lead ini, anda perlu menjadi member aktif dari iPanel.
Berikut Caranya :
  • Silahkan klik disini untuk daftar gratis di iPanel ( klik "Skip Ad" )
  • Masukkan data-data anda dengan benar karena ini akan berpengaruh pada banyaknya survey yang akan anda terima dan kemudian klik "Submit"
  • Klik link Aktivasi yang dikirim ke email anda.( cek juga di folder spam karena kadang suka nyasar disana )
  • Setelah itu login ke member area iPanel dengan memasukkan email dan password anda.
  • Setelah login anda akan mendapatkan bonus pendaftaran 10 poin. 
  • Lengkapi data anda dengan klik tab “Data Saya” kemudian di “Informasi harus di isi untuk tukar angka bonus”, di bagian ini isikan data-data yang masih kosong teruma pada bagian pembayaran yang menggunakan PayPal.
  • Karena anda baru mendaftar, mungkin saja belum ada survei di menu "survei saya". ikuti survei yang ada di menusurvei interaktif dengan begitu akun anda sudah aktif dan siap mengumpulkan point-pointnya. 
  • Survei interaktif adalah survei mini/singkat dan poinnya kecil dibandingkan dari survei utama/undangan, tapi lumayanlah buat nambahin poin.
  • Cara mengikuti surrvei interaktif ini anda harus login dulu setelah masuk ke "halaman utama saya" klik menu "home" di bagian paling atas (dekat selamat datang), setelah muncul halaman depan, klik menu "survei interaktif" pada kanan atas, maka akan terlihat daftar survei silahkan klik nama survei untuk memulai (note : pilih judul survei dgn text warna merah dapat bonus poin, judul survei dgn text hitam itu survei dari anggota, tidak dapat bonus poin).
  • Setelah menyelesaikan survei kita akan mendapat poin yang jumlahnya bervariasi (1 - 1600 poin/survei) tergantung panjang survei tsb. 
  • Dapatkan link referral untuk dipromosi di "menyarankan teman" dan mendapatkan Rp 20.000 per lead.
  • Minimal Poin yang bisa ditukarkan dengan uang  : 220 poin = Rp 20.000,  520 poin = Rp 50.000, 1020 poin = Rp 100.000
  • Pembayaran melalui Paypal. 
Ayo Buruan Gabung Sekarang Juga 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Recruitment PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia

Chevron is one of the world's leading integrated energy companies, with subsidiaries that conduct business worldwide. Our success is driven by our people and their unrelenting focus on delivering results the right way—by operating responsibly, executing with excellence, applying innovative technologies and capturing new opportunities for profitable growth.
We are involved in virtually every facet of the energy industry. We explore for, produce and transport crude oil and natural gas; refine, market and distribute transportation fuels and lubricants; manufacture and sell petrochemical products; generate power and produce geothermal energy; provide energy efficiency solutions; and develop the energy resources of the future, including biofuels.

We trace our beginnings to an 1879 oil discovery at Pico Canyon, north of Los Angeles, which led to the formation of the Pacific Coast Oil Co. That company later became Standard Oil Co. of California and, subsequently, Chevron. We took on the name Chevron when we acquired Gulf Oil Corp. in 1984, nearly doubling our worldwide proved oil and gas reserves. Our merger with Gulf was at that time the largest in U.S. history.

Another major branch of the family tree is The Texas Fuel Company, formed in Beaumont, Texas, in 1901. It later became known as The Texas Company and eventually Texaco. In 2001, our two companies merged. The acquisition of Unocal Corporation in 2005 strengthened Chevron's position as an energy industry leader, increasing our crude oil and natural gas assets around the world.

Chevron has extensive oil and gas exploration and production operations around the world. In 2010, our worldwide net oil-equivalent production averaged 2.763 million barrels per day, 2 percent higher than in 2009. Our producing operations are geographically dispersed. In 2010, about 26 percent of production was in the United States, another 13 percent was in Kazakhstan and other countries accounted for no more than 10 percent of total production each.

Chevron has an extensive lineup of major capital projects under way to bring new oil and natural gas resources to global markets. Our range of projects is diverse, from conventional oil and natural gas to deepwater developments, liquefied natural gas (LNG) and heavy oil.

We also focus on maximizing the potential of mature reservoirs. The company is managing production declines in existing fields with well workovers, artificial-lift techniques, facility and equipment improvements, and enhanced-recovery methods such as steamflooding and water injection.

Exploration is the foundation for our future growth. Since 2002, Chevron has added an average of 1 billion oil-equivalent barrels per year to its resource base. The company's focus areas for exploration in 2010 were the deepwater regions of Western Africa, the U.S. Gulf of Mexico and offshore northwest Australia. Drilling and seismic activities were ongoing or being planned in promising fields offshore the United Kingdom, the east coast of Canada and in deepwater offshore Brazil. Acres of new test areas were acquired in Canada, China, Liberia, Poland, Romania and Turkey.

Chevron is a major partner in Indonesia's economy and an active member of the community.

Through our wholly owned subsidiary PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia, we are the largest producer of Indonesia's crude oil. We are searching for new oil and gas reserves from central Sumatra to offshore East Kalimantan. We have begun design work on our deepwater natural gas project off East Kalimantan.

Our geothermal operations in Indonesia help make Chevron the largest producer of geothermal energy in the world. Chevron sells lubricants in Indonesia through our subsidiary PT Chevron Oil Products Indonesia.

Now PT Chevron Indonesia is needed the right candidates to join and growth at PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia.

Experienced Qualification S1 above

General Qualifications
  • Minimum GPA 2.75 out of 4.00
  • S1 Degree (S2/Master degree will be an advantage)
  • At least 4 years experience in Oil and Gas/Geothermal Industry
  • Willing to relocate to any of Chevron operations locations (East Kalimantan/Riau/West Java)
Skill Requirements:
  • Technical Proficiency related to education background and current/previous experiences
  • Team player and relationship builder for personal results, personal and unit’s benefit
  • Using company tools, processes and procedures
  • Strong communications skills – orally and writing including presentation skills
  • Customer focus
  • Computer literacy (Office applications)
  • Strong in taking initiative to prevent and resolve issues
  • Good understanding of health, safety, and environmental laws and regulations
Time Application:
  • Daily Discipline – arrival, departure, meetings, etc.
  • Meeting personal due dates for projects – usually short term by managing own time
Work Values:
  • Accepting Chevron’s values
  • Health, Environmental and Safety oriented
  • Getting results through personal proficiency
  • High-quality technical work
  • Enjoy working in a multicultural and diverse organization
Experienced Qualification D3
  • Minimum GPA 2.75 out of 4.00
  • D3 Degree Only
  • At least 4 years experiences in Oil and Gas/Geothermal Industry
  • Willing to relocate to any of Chevron operations locations (East Kalimantan/Riau/West Java)
Skill Requirements:
  • Technical Proficiency related to education background and current/previous experiences
  • Team player and relationship builder for personal results, personal and unit’s benefit
  • Using company tools, processes and procedures
  • Strong communications skills – orally and writing including presentation skills
  • Customer focus
  • Computer literacy (Office applications)
  • Strong in taking initiative to prevent and resolve issues
  • Good understanding of health, safety, and environmental laws and regulations
Time Application:
  • Daily Discipline – arrival, departure, meetings, etc.
  • Meeting personal due dates for projects – usually short term by managing own time
Work Values:
  • Accepting Chevron’s values
  • Health, Environmental and Safety oriented
  • Getting results through personal proficiency
  • High-quality technical work
  • Enjoy working in a multicultural and diverse organization
Detail Recruitment and Job Position please find at the link provided below

Recruitment Bank Mega Seluruh Indonesia 2011

It Start with one family business called PT. Bank Karman ( Karya Mandiri ) that established on 1969 at Surabaya,with further business step on 1992 the board decided to changed corporate name into PT. Mega Bank and carried out to relocate their head office into Jakarta.

Along with the economic development PT. Mega Bank on 1996 being take over by PARA GROUP (PT. Para Global Investindo dan PT. Para Rekan Investama). In order to be well known as a trustworthy public financial service institution, the board decided to change the corporate logo with something that more familiar and easy to remember. And followed by changing the corporate name into PT. Bank Mega on year 2000.

Initial Public Offering and listed being held at either BEJ and BES, for strengthen our asset structure purposes. Thus some of PT. Bank Mega assets will be held by third party, alson changed the corporate name into PT. Bank Mega Tbk.

The time has come while the economic crisist stroke our country, but Bank Mega standing still and raise up as one of the healthiest local bank and keep on growing without any government aids along with other banks such as Citibank, Deutche Bank and HSBC.

With the new corporate motto "Mega Your Destination" Bank Mega performance growing faster and well maintained, also become well known as one of healthiest financial service institution which able to put equaly with several sophisticated banks in Asia Pacifics. Bank Mega Also received many local and overseas award with outstanding financial record either regional and international achivement.

Inorder to create an appropriate performance according to the main motto, PT. Bank Mega held the profesionalism, transparancy, and awareness fundametal atitude with outstanding healthy asset structure, products and updated banking facility. PT. Bank Mega Tbk. network station already reach 182 unit that includes branch office, subsidiary branch office, and Cash office either Priority Banking which spreads all over Indonesia major city.

Along with the development of its business, PT Bank Mega Tbk systematically continue to increase the quantity of human resources by recruiting workers - workers who have been ready for use through a system of recruitment, placement and remuneration of employees who applied and continue - constantly reviewed to obtain optimal results. In addition, Bank Mega also conducts recruitment - to print a cadre of young workers - the managerial cadre through special education with the aim to complement and provide new thinking and spirit.

Increasing the quantity of human resources was also followed by a quality improvement program staff to create organizational effectiveness and improve employee productivity. Relative to the already implemented system of human resource development system for all employees in the company, ranging from career development system, new staff recruitment system, an assessment process to determine staff development plans, training and employee development and employee remuneration and coaching programs employee relations.

Improved quality and employee development plans tailored to the business development of PT Bank Mega Tbk, which is based on the concern that staff development is absolutely necessary to anticipate the development of the business world and a dynamic economy.

To support and meet the business development of Bank Mega, which is in the form of employee compliance plan for opening a new branch, organized a special training program in the form of hard skills courses for all levels of employees in the branch starting from the Branch Manager, Deputy Branch Manager, Customer Service, Teller and Back Office. It is expected that the results of this training, companies get employees who can work to provide excellent service to its customers.

In addition to training that is hard skills soft skills training programs are also conducted to obtain human resources highly competitive programs such as Leadership Development, which has been given to almost all leaders of work units ranging from Head of Branch and Division Leader and Section Leader at the headquarters.

We realize that the success of the organization to achieve its vision and mission depends on the leadership and spirit that was delivered by the leaders of work units as a role model who will lead the organization and the target level of performance expected by stakeholders.

  Mega Management Development Program (MMDP)

The program consist of in class training with comprehensive banking curriculum and a practical internship that will provide you with broad knowledge, skill and unparallel experience of banking management.

Applicants must meet the requirements :
  • Bachelor degree from reputable Universities with 1 year experience or preferably Master degree from International Universities with minimum GPA of 3.25
  • Single, maximum 28 year of age
  • Fluent both in oral and written english
  • Excellent analytical thinking, problem solving and communication skills
  • High-Motivated, Proactive, Adaptable, and Open Minded
  Account Officer Development Program (AODP)
  • Bachelor degree in any major are welcome to apply
  • Maximum Age 28 years
  • Minimum GPA 2.75
  • Willing to be placed as an AO SME in All Branches area of ​​Bank Mega in Indonesia
  • Willing to be a period of education for 2 months and bond department for 2 years, starting after graduation education
Detail Vacancies please download the document below - the vacancies is provided all branches of bank Mega in Indonesia (Bank Mega Pusat, Kanwil Medan, Kanwil Bandung, Kanwil Semarang, Kanwil Surabaya and Kanwil Makassar)

Download Document

Management Trainee Vacancy Astra International

Astra provides a full range of quality automobile and motorcycle products for the Indonesian consumer. Astra's market leading position is strengthened at each step of the production value chain through direct ownership of manufacturing, distribution, after sales and services operations, financing, insurance subsidiaries and affiliates as well as through a network of quality suppliers.

International partnerships with Toyota, Daihatsu, Isuzu, Nissan Diesel, Peugeot, BMW in the automobile segment and with Honda in the motorcycle segment provides Astra Group companies with access to the latest technology, proven production design models, and of course a high profile for our quality products.

In the automotive component business, Astra has partnerships with well-known companies such as Aisin Seiki, Aisin Takaoka, Akebono, Denso, Mahle, Kayaba, GS Yuasa, Nittan Valve, Daido Steel, Nippon Gasket, Keihin, Toyoda Gosei and DIC Corporation.

Astra's automotive business relies on strong working relationships with principals, supported by production capability to meet market demand, providing products with affordable price, extensive distribution and after-sales service networks, and marketing excellence.

Financing support through Astra Credit Companies (ACC), Toyota Astra Finance (TA Finance) and Federal International Finance (FIF) provided customers with the opportunity to get the right product, at the right time and at the right price.

PT Astra International Tbk is a large and solid Company with wide business interest in automotive, financial services, heavy equipment, agribusiness, information technology, and infrastructure sectors. We are currently seeking for professional candidates with strong analytical ability, high sense of achievement, ability to work under pressure, and fluency in English (both oral and written) to join Astra's winning team.


Work and Test Location: Surabaya and Jakarta
  • You will be trained, developed intensively and be involved in hands-on project to become future leaders of the company to deal with competitive business environment. You will get a comprehensive training which consists of combination of in class & on the job training. The program is designed to develop future leader by providing knowledge and direct practice on our core business.
  • Bachelor degree from Any Major
  • Have strong interest in Marketing / Finance / Human Resource
  • Actively involved in organizational activities
  • Have strong leadership
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills
Interested candidates please send your application before May 28 2011 to the link provided below


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Recruitment BUMN Perum Jamkrindo 2011

Subsequently in mid-May, 2008, through Government Regulation no. 41 dated May 19, 2008 Public Corporation Enterprise Development Facility again changed its name to Credit Guarantee Indonesia Public Corporation (Perum Jamkrindo).
Company name change was related to changes in the company's business that becomes more focused on SME credit guarantee business and no longer make loans directly to SMEs through a revenue sharing scheme.

In 2008 also, the government issued Presidential Decree No. 2 dated January 26, 2008 regarding Insurance Agency. To implement the Presidential Decree, the Government in this case the Ministry of Finance, Bapepam-​​LK issued a Regulation of the Minister of Finance (FMD) No. 222/PMK.010/2008 December 16, 2008 on Credit Guarantee Company and Repeat Credit Guarantee Company. With the regulation in question, then Perum Jamkrindo required to have licenses to operate as a Credit Guarantee Company. Following up on PMK, the Minister of Finance issued Ministerial Decree No. KEP-77 / KM.10/2009 April 22, 2009 which establishes a business license as a company Perum Jamkrindo Credit Guarantee.

Credit Guarantee Jamkrindo Indonesia or abbreviated, is a state-owned Indonesian Government established under PP. 41 of 2008, dated May 19, 2008. Perum Jamkrindo given the task to carry out business activities in the field of credit guarantee to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises and Cooperatives (UMKMK), including individual credit guarantee activities, consulting services and management services to UMKMK. While the intent and purpose of Perum Jamkrindo is to implement and support government policies and programs in economics and national development, by conducting credit guarantee for UMKMK.

Perum Jamkrindo underwriting business focus today is the provision of credit guarantee / financing banks and other business entities with conventional and Islamic patterns, where the guarantee of sharia (kafalah) Perum Jamkrindo is Indonesia's first Islamic insurance. In running his business, Perum Jamkrindo partnering with banks and other business entities as a lender to UMKMK and cooperation with partner co-guarantee. The number of partners Perum Jamkrindo currently reaches more than 65, which consists of banks namely Bank of Regional Development (BPD), state-owned Bank, National Private Banks and other business entities both conventional and Islamic.

Now Perum Jamkrindo is opening position in 2011 for S1 Graduated - application deadline May 18 2011. Please download the detail document below

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Krakatau Engineering Job Vacancies 2011

PT Krakatau Engineering was founded on October 12, 1988 as a wholly owned subsidiary company of PT Krakatau Steel (Persero). PT Krakatau Engineering serves and conducts either government or private projects in form of Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) contract basis, industrial maintenance and also in consultancy service (Engineering, Study and Project Management).

PT. Krakatau Engineering also successfully conducts many projects outside Krakatau Steel, either in industrial plant and infrastructures. Such as: Pulp and paper Mill in Jambi, Urea and Ammonia Plant in Aceh, Crude Palm Oil Mill in Riau, Overhead Transmission Line in Cilegon, Sport Center Building in Kuningan – West Java, Raw Water Pipeline in Tonasa, Gresik and Cikampek, Carbon black feed stock facilities in Cilegon, and other projects and clients.
Recognition the global market demand, PT. Krakatau Engineering has successfully accredited with quality management system of ISO 9001 : 1994 in 1996 and continuously with ISO 9001 : 2000 in 2003.

Requirements :
  •  Male
  • Hold Diploma ( D3 ) degree on Mechanical Engineering
  • Have experience as Draftman at EPC Project min 2
  • Fluent in English Both Oral and Written
Lead Mechanical
Requirements :
  • Male
  • Hold Bachelor ( S1 ) degree on Mechanical Engineering
  • Have experience at EPC Project min 5 Years
  • Fluent in English Both Oral and Written
Lead Electrical
Requirements :
  •  Male
  • Hold Bachelor ( S1 ) degree on Electro Engineering
  • Have experience at EPC Project min 5 Years
  • Fluent in English Both Oral and Written
Lead Process
Requirements :
  •  Male
  • Hold Bachelor ( S1 ) degree on Chemistry Engineering
  • Have experience at EPC Project min 5 Years
  • Fluent in English Both Oral and Written
Supervisor Mechanical
  •  Bachelor of mechanical engineering
  • Experience as a supervisor in the EPC Project min 3 years
Supervisor E & I
  • Bachelor of Engineering Electrical / Instrument
  • Experience as a supervisor min 3 years in EPC Project

Project Engineering Manager
Requirements :
  •  Hold Bachelor ( S1 ) Degree in Mechnical Engineering
  • Have experience in Project Engineering Manager for EPC Project Min 5 years
  • Active in English both spoken and written
  • Able to manage profesional staff that includes process, electrical, mechanical, civil & structure engineers for project basic and detail design
  • Must be an excellent comunicator with highly effective organization skills as well as strong hand-on engineering skills
  • Can work underpresure and passed psychotest
Personality :
  •  Diligent, honest and loyal
  • Good personality and team work
  • Willing to be located in Cilegon Banten
QA/QC Mechanical
Requirements :
  • Male
  • Hold Bachelor ( S1 ) degree on Mechanical Engineering
  • Have experience as QA/QC Mechanical at EPC Project min 5 Years
  • Fluent in English Both Oral and Written
Interpreter Korea Language
Requirements :
  • Hold min. Diploma Degree Korea Languange
  • Have experience as interpreter Korea Language min 3 Years
  • Fluent in Korean both Oral and Written
M/E Supervisor
Requirements :
  •  Male
  • Hold Bachelor ( S1 ) degree on Mechanical/Electro Engineering
  • Have experience as M/E Supervisor at EPC Project min 5 Years
  • Fluent in English Both Oral and Written
General Requirements:
  •  Good Computer Skill ( Ms. Office )
  • Hard Worker and able to work underpressure
  • Good Communication Skill
  • Thorough, loyal, dan High Initiative
  • Home Office at Cilegon and willing to be placed in PT.KE Project Site
  • Willing to be a contract employee
Send your application letter, CV, and your expected salary before May 13th, 2011 to:
PT Krakatau Engineering

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Recruitment Peruri Wira Timur 2011

Money Printing Public Company of the Republic of Indonesia (PERUM PERURI) was established on September 15, 1971, is a combination of the two company officials.
Pertjetakan Kebajoran and PN. Arthur Yasa accordance with Government Regulation Number: 60 of 1971, subsequently amended by Government Regulation Number: 25 in 1982, later amended by Government Regulation No. 34 of 2000 and refined for the last time through Government Regulation No. 32 of 2006.

Main task is to organize a business PERUM PERURI print rupiah currency of the Republic of Indonesia (both paper money and coins) to Bank Indonesia and the printing of paper products to order valuable non-money orders from other companies.

As a State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs), the only one trusted by the State to print money rupiah (both paper money and coins) for the Republic of Indonesia, in accordance with Government Regulation No. 32 of 2006. Besides printing the Republic of Indonesia rupiah, also scored Other security products, including printing paper money and valuable non-metallic non-cash.

Presentation of information quickly, precisely and accurately is a necessity in this era of information disclosure. Realizing this, Money Printing Public Company of the Republic of Indonesia (PERUM PERURI) through communication media and internet-based information, attempt to present information that is not only fast, precise and accurate, but also up to date in accordance with company developments.

PT Panca Wira Business (PWU), local enterprises are owned by the East Java Provincial Government to work with Perum Peruri established PT Wira Peruri East engaged in the business services sector printing important documents of non money to cover the share in Eastern Indonesia

Currently require several employees to the position:

  Marketing (ME)
  Secretary (SK)
  Printing Machine Operators (OP)
  Staff Koperasi (Kop)
  Cleaning Service (CS)
  Driver (DRV)

  • Min. D3 (1), D3 Secretary (2) 
  • Mastering microsoft office (1, 2 & 4), english (2)
  • SMK Graphic & Mastering printing machines (3)
  • High school / vocational equivalent (4, 5, 6)
  • Men (1, 3, 5, 6); Women (2 & 4)
  • Max. 28 th
  • Experience preferred
For detail in Bahasa Indonesia please download the document below


Include code in the left corner envelope, Application submitted no later than May 14, 2011 to:

PT. Peruri Wira Timur
Jl. Ahmad Yani 119 Surabaya

Graduated Development Program PT Holcim Indonesia


Graduated Development Program
PT Holcim Indonesia 2011
Prepare The Future Leader of PT Holcim Indonesia

Holcim is a pioneer and an innovator in Indonesia's fast-developing cement sector, as the market for homes, commercial buildings and infrastructure expands. We are the only provider of a fully integrated range of nine cement types, concrete and aggregates.

We are building a unique franchise in delivering complete, affordable housing solutions and upgrades, drawing on the skills of over 3,000 Holcim trained masons, over 43 franchisees and over 9,000 retail outlets across the island of Java. Holcim Beton was first to market with MiniMix phone service for same-day ready-mixed concrete delivery, and first with mobile concrete batching plants. Our construction industry seminars on best practices in large scale concrete pouring for multi storey building foundations are literally ground breaking. We are pioneers in creating a professional centre of excellence in vocational and managerial skills, the Holcim Academy, drawing students from across SE Asia.

Holcim Indonesia is a leading fully integrated producer of cement, ready mixed concrete and aggregates with a unique and expanding retail franchise offering the most complete end-to-end solution to home building, from building materials supply to design and speedy, safe construction.

Now we are opening position to find the right future leader at our company.

  Graduated Development Program - IT
Work Location: Jakarta

  • GDP is an education program specifically designed to anticipate the Company's need for future leaders to tackle future challenges including supporting its business sustainability
  • Education: Minimum S1 (Bachelor Degree) in Information Technology from reputable University
  • GPA min 3.00 of 4.00
  • Experience : Minimum 1year (optional)
  • Fresh Graduates are welcome to apply
  • Age: 25 years of age or less
  • Language: Good command in English both oral & written
  • Other qualification / skills: Willing to working hard and working under pressured
  • Ready for placement throughout Indonesia
Please send your resume before 12 May 2011 to:

  Organizational Design & Development Dept.

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Friday, May 6, 2011

Supporting Staff Kementerian Ekonomi Republik Indonesia 2011

Supporting Staff
Kementerian Ekonomi Republik Indonesia
Pegawai Non CPNS

Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs at the time of the new order was formed on July 25, 1966 with the name of the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry (economic affairs), which at that time occupied by Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX. The Ministry was incorporated in the cabinet Ampera I with the task of implementing the stabilization and rehabilitation programs which concentrate on controlling inflation, livelihood pencukupan food, rehabilitation of infrastructure and national development.
Governance and always in motion a dynamic development has demanded this ministry to continue to expand so that several times changed its name and leadership. The name "Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs" had just started in 2000. (See Minister, Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs)
Currently, the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs has the task to assist the president in synchronizing and coordinating the planning, preparation, and implementation of policies on the economy.

In performing the above task, the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs has the functions:
  • synchronization preparation, and implementation of policies in the fields of economy,
  • coordinate the preparation, and implementation of policies on the economy,
  • control the implementation of affairs ministry referred to in paragraphs a and b,
  • property management / wealth of the countries the responsibility of the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs;
  • supervision over the implementation of tasks within the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs;
  • execution of certain tasks given by the President.
Now Secretariat of the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs is opening position NON CPNS to fill the position as

Supporting Staff

  • Aged less than 30 years
  • Bachelor of S-1 and D-3
  • Mastering the Knowledge Economy (Economics, Management, Accounting, Industrial Engineering, Socio-Economic)
  • Spiritual and Physical Health
  • Understand English (Active and Passive)
  • Mastering Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel)
Candidates are required to complete:
  1. Cover Letter in the Indonesian language
  2. Most recent Curriculum Vitae accompanied by a picture of yourself
Selection Process:
  • Send your Cover letter and Curriculum Vitae to: mamay@ekon.go.id or mamay.sukaesih @ gmail.com
  • Candidates selected will receive a call via email to follow selection:
  1. May 18, 2011 - general knowledge and economic assessment
  2. May 19, 2011 - computing skills
  • The selection process based on the highest cumulative score from the assessment and skills. Weighting and selection of material is different between the candidate with education S-1 and D-3
  • Employment contract is valid for 1 (one) year and are renewable.

More information:

New Job Career BUMN Waskita Karya (Persero)

As a state owned company with line of business in Construction Industry, Waskita has participated in a wide variety of construction activities since year 1960, carrying out big scale and monumental projects all over Indonesia.

From year of 2006 afterwards, the Company has developed its market segments reaching overseas by opening branch offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Jeddah, acquiring and executing several high rise building projects over there. Waskita has even received a trade license from Dubai Authorities and its qualification has been recognized with a status of unlimited grade allowing the Company to provide construction services to build high rise building projects in the country with unlimited height.

Corresponding to its vision to be one of outstanding companies in Construction Industry and having a mission in advancing its value through construction products and services with high Quality and Competitiveness, the company has continuously made improvements and changes in order to adapt itself to its business environment by implementing consistently the principle of Good Corporate Governance.

Business development has been regularly performed by providing service like Toll Road Investment, Construction of Buildings, Infrastructure, Civil Works, EPC, and Mining Projects. The Company has been highly concerned with human resources development, healthy, safety, environment, and quality in performing its business operation.

Through its motto: Onward through quality performance, we have committed to make a progress and grow as a leading distinguished service provider company in Construction Industry.

Entering year 1990, Waskita has completed numeruous high rise buildings with well earned reputation such as BNI City (the tallest building in Indonesia), Bank Indonesia Office Buildings, Graha Niaga Tower, Mandiri Plaza Tower, Shangri-La Hotel and several multi-storey apartment buildings in Jakarta and other cities in Indonesia.

Waskita has achieved distinguished performances in the construction of long span prestressed concrete bridge using free cantilever system by successfully completed three bridges: Raja Mandala, Rantau Berangin, and Barelang IV. Another major achievement using similar technology was acomplished in the construction of "Pasteur-Cikapayang-Surapati" elevated road and cable stayed bridge in Bandung. The same success story was also achieved in the construction of several major dams such as Pondok, Grogkak, Tilong, Gapit, and Sumi, whice were completed ahead of schedule with satisfying quality.

The effort in always prioritizing quality ahead of anything else has enabled Waskita in obtaining certification of ISO 9002:1994 in November 1995; whice became a convincing international recognition on the ISO Quality Management System implemented by the company and a starting point towards the era of global competition. In June 2003, Waskita has successfully updated its Quality Management System and was able to obtain certification of ISO 9001:2000. This becomes a strong indication on how the company understands and always tries to satisfy specific needs of its customer.

Currently Waskita Karya is Opening position from STM graduated, Diploma and S1 graduated to fill the position in one of Waskita Karya Power Plant. Detail qualifications and Jobs please download the document below

Download Document
  Detail Positions Recrutment Waskita Karya 2011

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Lowongan Kerja Garuda Indonesia mei 2011

Garuda Indonesia adopted a Human Capital Management approach which perceives employees as assets with high levels of competitiveness. Engaged in the service industry, Garuda Indonesia acknowledges the importance of human resources in creating a strong and sustainable corporate performance.

Job Vacancy

List of available job opportunity in Garuda Indonesia


Requirement :

Indonesian citizen
Holds Bachelor Degree (S1) with maximum age 26 years old
Holds Post Graduate Degree (S2) with maximum age 28 years old
Graduated from reputable university
GPA minimum 3.00 (scale 4) or equivalent for Bachelor Degree
GPA minimum 3.25 (scale 4) or equivalent for Post Graduate Degree
Fluent in English both written and verbal
Able to operate computer, minimum Microsoft Office and internet
Managerial and leadership experience would be an advantage
Professional appearance with positive attitudes
Willing to be placed in Head Office or any domestic/international Branch Offices

For further information, please call our recruitment team :

Office : (021) 2560-1038/1042
Ms. Risa : 0857-1871-1837
Ms. Ega : 0812-81080-133

More info and Apply, please click lowongan kerja garuda mei 2011
Lowongan tutup 6 mei 2011

Lowongan Kerja Mei 2011 di PT. Otsuka Indonesia Malang

PT. Otsuka Indonesia is leading PMA Pharmaceutical manufacturer focus in regional new product & market opportunities, invites talented people to join our team especially for new automation factory and manufacturing process development

Career Opportunity:

1. pharmacist

2. diploma pharmachist

3. production supervisor

4. shift leader in production

5. engineering supervisor

6. engineering group leader

Specific Requirements

  1. Male (1-6): ge maz 30 years old (1, 3, 5); age max 27 years old (2, 4, 6)

  2. S1/ D3

    • Pharmachist (1,2)

    • Electrical electronical (3 – 6)

    • Mechatronic, mechanical engineering (3 – 6)

    • Chemical engineering (3-5)

  3. having experience in manufacturer is advantage (1-6)

General requirements:

  1. having knowledge ISO and GMP

  2. Good command in English both oral or written

  3. Computer literate is a must

  4. Good communication, conceptual, and analytical

  5. Thinking, presentation, leadership, negotiable

  6. Willing to be placed on factory lawang, Malang Jawa Timur

Jl. Sumber Waras No. 25 lawang, Malang (Jawa Timur)

E-mail: recruitment@fact.otsuka.co.id